Chamber Ensembles

Flute Ensemble

Flute Ensemble rehearses Thursdays 6:00-7:30. This award-winning ensemble develops beginning and advanced flute players of all ages and offers opportunities for performance in YOCVA concerts and community events. 

Instructor: Elizabeth Brightbill

Annual Tuition Fee Flute Ensemble: $375

Audition Requirements

Members do not need to audition. However members should be able to play at the following approximate level:

Ability to play major scales up to four sharps and flats and the three-octave chromatic scale in eighth-notes at quarter=100. 
Desired skills: Double-tonguing and basic vibrato; ability to play all major scales in sixteenth-notes at quarter=80+ and minor scales up to two flats and sharps.

String Chamber Music

Rehearses: Tuesdays from 6:00pm-7:30pm at Walker Elementary SchoolChamber music teaches the language of collaboration. Guided by a professional instructor (or coach) student’s learn to communicate both musically and verbally through the rehearsal process. Performing in a chamber ensemble requires a level of independence and personal expression that helps develop a student’s confidence, vision, leadership skills, and ability to work as a team. Students will have the opportunity to develop their unique musical voices as well as create a personalized musical experience through peer-to-peer collaboration. 

Who: This chamber music program will be tailored to accommodate a variety of student ages and levels ranging from middle school to high school. Students will be matched into small groups according to their level and personal interests. 

Current members of the Evans Orchestra and Youth Symphony as well new members, not currently enrolled in a YOCVA programs are welcome to join with no audition.

How: Students meet for weekly rehearsals in preparation for one (or more) performances with their chamber ensemble. Each rehearsal session will include a 30-minute student lead rehearsal as well as a guided coaching by a member of our faculty. 


  • Megan Gray, Hayley Rose, Ayn Balija, Lead Coaches

  • Additional guest coaches from the Central Virginia Region

Program Dates & Tuition 

Fall Session –  Tuesday, September 20 – Tuesday, December 6

Spring Session – Tuesday, January 10 – Tuesday, March 28

  • Performance dates and locations for both programs will be announced on or before September 12th. (Last year our students performed in the art gallery at the Quirk Hotel!)

Program Tuition Fee(s): 

Fall Session $275

Spring Session: $275

Fall & Spring (Bulk Discount): $500  

*Families may take advantage of the bulk discount OR the $50 multi-ensemble discount, not both.