Tuition & Policy

2022-2023 Tuition

Yearly Tuition Rates

  • $500 – Full-orchestra members: Youth Symphony and Evans Orchestra

  • $425 – Flute Ensemble & Clarinet Ensemble

  • $375 – Junior Strings & Flute Choir

NOTE: All members (with the exception of Junior Strings) will be charged a $25 non-refundable deposit fee (reduced price during pandemic). The deposit is a one-time annual charge that will be credited to your total tuition. Your deposit covers one of the following: string seat reservation or audition request.

Payment Policy

Membership in any group is based on a full-season commitment, from September through May.  Once accepted into a group, members are expected to participate for the entire season. With the exception of Junior Strings and families on payment plans, the full participation fee must be paid by October 24th, 2022 and is non-refundable. Members who discontinue participation during the season will not receive participation fee credits. A $25 late fee will apply if participation fees are not paid by November 1 of the current season.  Alternate payment plans are available for families upon request. Contact for more information.

Discounts & Scholarships

Members who participate in more than one ensemble qualify for a $50 discount per family each season. Similarly, those with multiple children in YOCVA also receive a single $50 discount per family. A family may only take advantage of one of these discounts each season.

Members can apply for tuition assistance to participate in any of our ensembles. YOCVA also offers scholarships for members to pay for private lessons. To apply, complete this form.

Methods of Payment

YOCVA uses a registration and billing management system called Jack Rabbit. When you register for an ensemble you will also create your personal Jack Rabbit account. Jack Rabbit will accept credit card and electronic check payments. Checks may also be paid in-person, or mailed to: YOCVA, PO Box 4845, Charlottesville, VA 22905. Please make checks payable to YOCVA, and include member’s name and orchestra/ensemble on the check.

Attendance Policy

(Updated May, 2022). Orchestra is a team sport. One of the most important factors in the success of any orchestra/musical ensemble is the presence of all its members at each rehearsal. When an orchestra member misses a rehearsal, it means that your music will also be missing. Absences slow down the rehearsal process and can be the cause of frustration on the part of the musicians who depend on other parts being present in order to advance the final performance. 

Members are expected to attend all rehearsals and concerts. Attendance is taken at each rehearsal and members are expected to be in their seats 10 minutes prior to the rehearsal start time. 

Types of Rehearsal Absences: There are two types of absences 

(1) excused and (2) unexcused. Absences can be communicated via email or messaging through the Jack Rabbit parent portal. 

  1. Excused absences include serious illness (such that the student was not able to attend school that day), family emergencies, and school trips. Excused absences may be allowed under other circumstances (i.e. school event conflict) at the discretion of the conductor or director. In the case of a school trip or other anticipated absence, you must notify YOCVA staff as soon as possible, but at least one week in advance of the missed rehearsal. 
  1. If you do not advise YOCVA of your absence, it will be considered an unexcused absence (except in cases of illness or emergencies as described above). 

Absences and Concerts 

A student who has more than 2 unexcused absences in one concert cycle may be asked to sit out of the concert. In order to perform in each concert the student must also attend the dress rehearsal (except in cases of illness or emergencies as described above). If a student has an unexcused absence on the day of a dress rehearsal they may be asked to sit out of the concert performance. In the case of excessive absences, the conductor or director will make the determination about whether or not the student can continue to participate in the program.

Public School Music Program Participation Policy

The Youth orchestras of central Virginia is a proud supporter of in-school music education. The region of Central Virginia has a strong history in public school music education. Our public school music programs are a vital part of our community infrastructure. In an effort to enrich rather than replace participation in public school music programs YOCVA requires that all new incoming YOCVA members (as of fall 2021) attending a public school must also be members of their school’s band or orchestra program (if the student’s school has a school program.) 

If a legitimate scheduling conflict prevents the student from enrolling in his or her school ensemble, verification of their past/intended enrollment in the school music program must be confirmed by their band or orchestra teacher. You will be prompted at Registration to share your teacher’s email for this purpose. Special and unique circumstances may be discussed between the student/family, yocva staff, and/or school instructor. 

If you have questions about this policy please contact executive director at