Youth Symphony

Program Details

Registration for the 23/24 season is now closed. Check back in Spring 2024 for more information about joining for the 24/25 academic season.  

Rehearsal Day & Time: Mondays from 6:15 – 8:30pm

Location: MLK Performing Arts Center, Charlottesville. 

Program Start: September 11, 2023

Program End: Monday, May 20, 2023

Description: Youth Symphony is our advanced full-symphony orchestra founded in 1978. The ensemble consists of approximately 50-60 advanced youth musicians performing original orchestral masterworks. Audition required.


Foster Beyers, Conductor
James Tobin, Assistant Conductor

Annual Tuition Fee: $575.


Prospective musicians must perform a live or video audition with the following solo selections and scales to be admitted to Youth Symphony. String players can re-join each year with no audition after the initial audition and acceptance. Due to the small number of available seats, winds, brass and percussion students must re-audition each year to participate.  



  • Solo Repertoire:

    • Strings, Woodwinds, & Brass: Please prepare two contrasting pieces or orchestral excerpts which demonstrate your musicality, tone, and technical skill. Each solo selection should be no more than two minutes in length.

    • Percussion:

      • Please prepare two etudes of your choice on snare drum.

      • Then, demonstrate the following:

        1. Long roll (concert-style) – pp<FF->pp

        2. Single paradiddles

        3. Flams

        4. Drags

  • Scales:

    • Violin: D major & A melodic minor, 3 octaves

    • Viola: G major & D melodic minor, 3 octaves

    • Cello: E major & G melodic minor, 3 octaves

    • Bass: F major & A melodic minor, 2 octave minimum or as many octaves as possible

    • Flutes: C major & Db major, as many octaves as possible

    • Clarinets: E major & Db major, as many octaves as possible

    • Trumpets: B major & Ab major, 2 octaves

    • Oboe: Eb major & D major, 2 octaves

    • Bassoon: Bb major & A major, as many octaves as possible

    • French Horn: Gb major & A major, 2 octaves

    • Trombones: A major & Gb major, 2 octaves

    • Tuba: A major and Gb major, 2 octaves